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The Sherpa people are an ethnic group in eastern Nepal. Noble friends, and guides, with respect and understanding of Mother Nature. As long as I remember, I've wanted to be outside. My drive in life, my never ending wonder of what exists in every place with water. Seeking to understand how the world around and above them affects the way they live, and seeking how it affects the way, I live. I'm The Fishing Sherpa.


Striper Fishing in New York City
New York City Striped Bass

     The classic New York Bight Striper.  The Striped Bass can be found along the shoreline of

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New York City

Mahi Mahi caught within sight of New York City
New York Mahi Mahi

     This Colorful Bull Dolphin or Mahi Mahi, was caught closer to New York City, than you migh

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Largemouth Bass Fishing in New York
Local Largemouth Bass

A nice January, catch and release Largemouth, pulled up through the ice, and now the freshwater

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Pulaski Salmon Fishing
Salmon River King or Chinook Salmon

     This King Salmon or Chinook,was caught during the Fall Run on the Salmon River in Upstate

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New York Bluefin Tuna
New York Bluefin Tuna

This was a nice end of June Bluefin, caught out of Montauk. If your tired of burning fuel, and co

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